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All tech specs and rig plans are available to download from the links on the right. If you have any questions or would like any further information please contact Peter Wright, our Technical Manager:

Get In:

The unloading bay is in front of the theatre and the get in is at the rear. As it is not possible to get a vehicle to the dock doors, everything has to be carried or wheeled down the flat side alley (minimum 1.3m wide) that runs along the theatre. There is paved and ramped access all along the get in route.  Any companies with a tight get in should allow for the transportation of set/props/costumes etc. The dock doors are standard fire exit double door size. 


There are no parking spaces for the theatre but there are 3 pay and display car parks and meter parking within walking distance.


Width           14.7m
Depth            6.7m
Grid Height   5.4m

NB: The height 5.4 is the maximum. When fully out the hemp bars are at 5.2m. Rigged lanterns should also be accounted for.


FOH  - 1-3: Internally wired roof beam bars in Auditorium above seating block

On Stage
LX1: Internally wired winch bar
LX2: Internally wired fix bar (rig from scope)
LX3: Internally wired hemp bar
Hemp Bar 2: Can be used for LX
Hemp Bar 3: Can be used for LX
Hemp Bar 4: Can be used for LX or Back Cloth
Hemp Bar 5: Cyclorama only

There is a fixed up and downstage scaffold bar system that forms a grid to allow you to hang in most positions. As the roof has a large apex, running off to the side walls at full grid height is not possible.


There are no DS House Tabs and no fly tower. The rig is open. 

Back tabs: 2 * black serge half tabs on track – middle split
Legs: 5 * Black Serge – 5m high by 2m wide 
Flats: All are Black Serge – two 4m high by 2.3m wide, two Book flats (each side is 2.75m high by 1.42m wide) and two single flats:  2.75m high by 1.42m wide

All masking is fire proofed.

Lighting Equipment:

Lighting Control: ETC Ion
Dimmer Channels: 96 x 3.6kw
Non Dim Channels: 6 x 2.4kw 

Lantern Stock:

8   * ETC Source 4 36° 750w (FOH wash lights)
2   * Strand Cantata 26/44 profile 1200w
16 * Strand SL 15/30 profile 650w
4   * Selecon Acclaim 15/32 profile 650w
21 * Strand Cantata PC 1200w
4 * Strand Patt 243 Fresnels 2000w (without barn doors)
12 * Strand Fresnels 1200w
42 * Parcans 1000w (CP60/61/62 available)
4   * Parcans with Apollo Smartcolor Scrollers (16 colours) and CP95s mounted mid stage
2 * Robert Juliat Foxy Followspot
3 * Coda1 500 Cells
5 * Coda4 500 Batons
6 * ETC Source Four Parcans – used as house lights

All lights are replete with fully operational barn doors, working shutters and gel frames.

Miscellaneous lighting:

3 * 10 m 6 way Socapex
3 * Male Spiders
1 * Female Spider
2 * 6 way Soc 15A Box     
Various 3m, 5m and 10m TRS cable     
3 * Stands
6 * 2m ladder booms     
Various gobo designs

Sound Equipment:


Allen & Heath GL2200 24/4/2
Soundcraft Si Expression 3


1 * C Audio 2000 –Monitors
2 * Amcron Marcro-Tech 601 Amps – Monitors
6 * D&B E-pac Amps - FOH


2 * D&B C6 – used as FOH rig
2 * D&B E12 subs – Used as FOH rig
2 * D&B Ci80 – Used as fills
2 * D&B Max Wedge Monitors
4 * Generic Wedge Monitors
2 * JBL 1 – Control Box Monitors


1 * Tascam 450 MD/CD player combo
1 * Tascam MD 350 Mini Disc Player
1 * Phillips CD player
1 * Denon Cassette DeckSCS
Laptop with Roland Octa-capture Soundcard


1 * Behringer Ultracurve Pro Graphic EQ
1 * Yamaha Q2032A 31 Band Stereo Graphic EQ
1 * TC Electronic M350 Dual FX Processor
2 * Tapco SQ 2 Dual Channel Dynamics processor 


16 * xlr inputs on stage 
4 * xlr stage return outlets  

Multicore (To Back of Auditorium):

24 * xlr inputs on stage
8 *   xlr stage return outlets 

Miscellaneous Sound:

5 * SM58 
2 * SM57 
1 * Beta57
1 * Beta87
4 * AKG C1000 condensers
2 * Shure 849 condensers
3 * Beta56 drum mics
1 * Beta52 kick mic
4 * AKG C418 drum clip mics
1 * D112 kick mic

2 * EMO DI boxes
1 * Behringer Ultra DI
1 * Samson Dual DI     

Talk back system with 6 sets of cans

In house equipment available for hire:

1 * Unique Hazer
2* 500 evolution series Sennheiser hand held Radio Mics 
1* Sanyo PLC-XU106 Projector (4500 ANSI lumens)

Please contact us for prices and details

Dressing Rooms:

DR1: Ground floor (stage level) – 10 people – Shower, Costume rail.

DR2: First floor – 20 people - Costume rail, washing machine, tumble dryer.

DR3: First floor – 8 people - Costume rail.

Green Room – Double sink, fridge, kettle, sofa, chairs.

There is a separate WC and shower on the first floor and an accessible WC on the ground floor. Secure lockers available backstage. Backstage ground floor is fully accessible.

Norwich Playhouse Health and Safety Policy


We believe that the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, performing companies, contractors, audiences and tenants are of prime importance.are vital to the overall efficiency and success of the building.are everyone's responsibilities and subsequently form an integral part of the duties of all staff.are prime contributing factors to the welfare of each individual.

We are committed to reaching the highest practicably achievable standards of occupational health, safety and welfare and recognise that the development of a culture supportive of health and safety is necessary to achieve adequate control over risks.


To prevent all injuries in the workplace.

To provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace with adequate welfare facilities.


We will strive to:

establish and maintain effective systems for the identification of risks and procedures for managing the health, safety and welfare of those involved in our operations.ensure that all those involved in the running of the building are competent and able to perform their tasks safely and are consulted on issues which affect their health and safety.promote awareness of responsibilities for health and safety to all employees.protect the safety, well-being and comfort of our audiences.

Safety Policy Responsibilities

The responsibility for health, safety and welfare lies directly and personally with all employees from the General Manager through to each individual working within the building. Those involved in the running of the building are responsible for carrying out their work in a manner that will not put at risk their personal health and safety or that of their colleagues.

Those involved in the running of the building must plan and perform their work in accordance with our Health and Safety Policy and all its associated procedures. It follows from this that all have the right and responsibility to refuse to carry out work, or undertake any activity, which is demonstrably unsafe.

Please contact us direct for our comprehensive Health and Safety Policy Document.