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Be in the Audience

We welcome young audiences. There are reduced student prices for all our performances aimed at younger audiences. We also create projects such as CTT (see below) that enable schools and youth organisations to see performances on an annual basis. Our Arts Awards page has further offers.


is a continuation of the legacy left by three successful years of work with the Prince's Foundation for Children and the Arts START programme between 2008-2011.

Take a look at the Picture Gallery on the right to see highlights of our CTT Project so far...

CTT aims to bring young people into the auditorium to learn about theatre as consumers and to find out how theatre can play a continuing role in their lives.  

CTT aspires to:

1) Help build young people’s confidence by offering two separate visits to a theatre venue supported by introductory in-school assemblies, thus giving young people the chance to experience professionals in action, close up

2) Help young people feel comfortable in a cultural environment

3) Give young people the opportunity to develop appreciation/enjoyment of an art form (e.g. willingness to get involved in cultural activity beyond lesson time, increased independent engagement with the arts) and provide them with a wider set of recreational options and interests

4) Give young people and teachers the opportunity to use the arts as a starting point for inspirational creative and cross-curricular activities

5) Enhance the professional development of teachers

Production partnerships so far:
Joe Carlarco's R&J - Original Theatre and South Hill Park
Rannel Theatre Company - Everything Happens in the Break
Norfolk's Rose - Bart Lee Theatre
ACE Dance & Music - Switch
Rannel Theatre Company - Everything Happens in the Break
Flor de Muerto - Gomito Theatre Company
Rannel Theatre Company - In 2Deep
Midsummer Night's Dream - Sell a Door Theatre Company
Your Last Breath - Curious Directive
My Mother Told Me Not To Stare - Theatre Hullabaloo
In My Shoes - Rationale Hip Hop Company
Dracula - Blackeyed Theatre
Pocket Dream - Pocket Propeller  Autumn 2014
Pocket Comedy - Pocket Propeller  Spring 2015