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Amy Melling and Emily Buchan

Emily Buchan and Amy Melling are both currently studying BA Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, with a focus on print making.


Emily Buchan

As an artist, I aim to create playful, lively pieces of work that will involve the viewer with the use of familiar, every day objects and images. Focusing on connecting the every day with contemporary art, I have playfully manipulated and distorted each image to create a dialogue in each artwork that should be resolved in the mind of the viewer.

Having recently worked on a series of woodcut prints based around a childhood story, my work has moved into working with different methods of print. By using screen print and lino print processes, I have created this series that uses every day objects and hides the original context to create something more exciting than it originally was. A method of using bright, hand mixed colours and the repetition and layering of images helps disguise the original objects and creates an interactive experience for the viewer.

Amy Melling

Within my practice I explore themes of feminism, gender and identity. Recently I have been making work in response to Laura Mulvey’s essay ‘visual pleasure and narrative cinema’ which discusses the ‘male gaze’ and the objectification of women in film. Tights are a reoccurring theme in my work, as I play with the idea of focusing on parts of the female body that are seen as suggestive. I like to work mainly with video, photography and different printmaking processes. 

1st April to 30th April

Wendy Brown-Hall

Wendy Brown-Hall

Wendy Brown-Hall 

Since graduating from Norwich University of the Arts four years ago, I have been supporting young people on art related courses at City College Norwich. This also gives me some free time to develop and exhibit my own artwork. 

Within my practise, I continue to experiment with subject, style and medium.  My main passion and focus is painting and pencil drawings, however I also love to experiment with print, photography, digital art, sculpture and mixed media. 

I am currently focusing my practise on inspiration from the natural world, concentrating on the beautiful complex structures we often take for granted, and from holidays and day trips, focussing on the East Anglian Coastline. 

Using my own photographs and sketches to work from, I am building a portfolio responding to the visual atmosphere of the seaside and funfair, the smells and sounds, the relaxation and playfulness and also the positive feelings and enjoyment I have when planning a trip to the seaside. 


1st May to 31st May