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Nigel Woolston

'Moving Into Rhythm' is a series of abstract paintings influenced by my love of jazz music. Jazz has both order and improvisation: a solid base on which a soloist can run with his instinct, free of rules. These paintings are my attempt to fuse the two elements. In some paintings, order and regular rhythms pervade. In others, the brush moves to its own melody, while judgement and technique are left behind. As Miles David once said: "Don't fear mistakes. There are none".

Every one of these paintings is a song, but what you hear is unique to you, the observer.

I began painting four years ago and have continued to play saxophone and clarinet in Grifter Kid and The Midnight Raiders. I've also been sound and light designer for local comedy duo The Nimmo Twins since 1998 and will be technician at their upcoming Normal for Norfolk shows.


1st August to 31st August

Geoff Francis

I see the work of an artist as being to communicate ideas that allow people to look differently and feel differently about the world they experience outside and within themselves. In this, I seek to capture the moment of inevitable chance in the making of the work, and particularly what happens with light or sculptural effect in that moment.

My work has gained international recognition and awards, including five Saatchi short-listings (one for my acclaimed vision of Norwich's Forum). This exhibition presents photography, prints and paintings drawn from 25 years of constant challenge and innovation as an artist.


1st September to 30th September

BEAST Illustration

We're BEAST!Norwich, a collective of friendly illustrators drawing and painting in the fine city of Norwich, out in the east of England.

Fiona Gowen:, @FionaGDraws
Grace Sandford:, @GraceSandford
Karl Newson:, @Karlwheel
David Hurtado:, @dh_illustration
Mark Standbrook:, @Bandstander
Kellee Rich:, @KelleeRich

You can follow us on Twitter at @BeastNorwich

1st December to 31st December