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Phil Daniels

Phil Daniels

Biography - Short 

Phil was told he would die in 1984. The cancer, and months of chemotherapy, drove him to art. Initially, he was compelled to perfectly recreate Constables landscapes (and failed miserably). This fixation with capturing everything exactly as it was continued into wildlife drawings and eventually into paint and other various art media.  

After 30 years effort, some of his wildlife pieces grasped the fine hairs and detail from nature almost exactly. More importantly was the emotion that had developed in each animal’s eyes. This was a sense of feeling and depth that Phil took into his work on human emotions and the simple, ‘stripped bare’, two toned Conté art portraits that force the viewer to think, and more importantly feel. Perhaps this finally answers; ‘What is art?’ Art makes you feel.  

Statement - Emotional  

Thirty years painting. You would think I would have learned more than that art is about feeling and emotions. That seems a little simplistic, but that is the bottom line. The ‘Emotional Connections’ series plunders Plutchik’s studies on our emotions, and creates art with just the fingers – art stripped of all colour, detail and background. The power of fifteen large images displaying only the fast recreation of a fleeting glance, an expression, a moment ... it can be a very silent moment.  

It’s not about ‘what emotion am I seeing?’ There is no right or wrong, it’s purely whether you connect with the feeling and remember that sense of emotion. Art that makes you remember. Feel.  

These pieces have a market commercially, both in the home and also in business. Not only can they be a powerful presence in a house, but also in the corridors of offices and receptions, they are extremely compelling. 

1st March to 31st March

Amy Melling

Amy Melling and Emily Buchan

Emily Buchan and Amy Melling are both currently studying BA Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, with a focus on print making.

1st April to 30th April

Wendy Brown-Hall

Wendy Brown-Hall

Wendy Brown-Hall 

Since graduating from Norwich University of the Arts four years ago, I have been supporting young people on art related courses at City College Norwich. This also gives me some free time to develop and exhibit my own artwork. 

Within my practise, I continue to experiment with subject, style and medium.  My main passion and focus is painting and pencil drawings, however I also love to experiment with print, photography, digital art, sculpture and mixed media. 

I am currently focusing my practise on inspiration from the natural world, concentrating on the beautiful complex structures we often take for granted, and from holidays and day trips, focussing on the East Anglian Coastline. 

Using my own photographs and sketches to work from, I am building a portfolio responding to the visual atmosphere of the seaside and funfair, the smells and sounds, the relaxation and playfulness and also the positive feelings and enjoyment I have when planning a trip to the seaside. 


1st May to 31st May