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Joey Dean

Joey Dean

"She had stopped singing, but the enchantment of her song left me spellbound. I was absorbed and wanted to go on listening. After a moment I spoke to her."

In the last few years, I have come to find more satisfaction in the development of my own artistic endeavours, than I have in the pursuit of a commercial artistic existence.
These years have mostly been spent
bumbling around outside of England and the perspective I gained has haunted me ever since. In particular, an Asian-born, French-Australian girl I once knew, who inspired me to work with traditional drawing processes again.

 In my latest project I have screen printed and illustrated onto a wave of found clothing.

'Days Of Being Wild' is my embodiment of the current post-uni culture.
That no-mans-land we all seem to dwell in after spending a decade in education's warm, incubation. Before we start buying into the idea that society should be taken seriously.


1st July to 31st July

Nigel Woolston

Nigel Woolston

Moving into Rhythm 


Moving Into Rhythm is a series of abstract paintings influenced by my love of jazz music. Jazz has both order and improvisation: a solid base on which a soloist can run with his instinct, free of rules. These paintings are my attempt to fuse the two elements. In some paintings, order and regular rhythms pervade. In others, the brush moves to its own melody, while judgment and technique are left behind. As Miles David once said: “Don’t fear mistakes. There are none”. 

Every one of these paintings is a song, but what you hear is unique to you, the observer. 


1st August to 31st August