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Unit 15 (Anmar Mirza)

Unit 15

We are unit 15.· An art studio creating collaborative art and crafting clothing and bags.· Unit 15 is a collection of well motivated individuals.·


Kieran Harper (owner and bag maker for his brand Kinsu)

Anmar Mirza (artist and owner of clothing brand Mrza)

Nukof (artist and owner of Nukof clothing)

Emily Jane Morgan (photographer)

Sam Harrons (artist and owner of Shhhh clothing)


We all have different styles. We are in our own world, in our studio.· Hope you enjoy it.·



1st November to 30th November

Brian Korteling

Brian Korteling

Brian Korteling’s work explores the spread of digitally produced images and the plausible mutation of the ideas they contain. He paints in oils because doing so creates a moment that can last; it is something that is and something that has happened. Korteling paints each pixel by hand, like the worlds slowest and least accurate printer.

“In a very short space of time digital technology has revolutionized reality. Low quality amateur images and videos appear before us on social media sites, news broadcasts, in bars and shopping centres. We receive a dose of reality with our breakfast through our phones. People are beheaded whilst cats do cute stuff. Protesters in Russia get beaten to a pulp. Islamic extremists in Bradford attack cars with kids in the back. A dog does a back flip. People go on information diets. Governments conspire, mad people panic and go surfing. The end of the world comes and goes again, the threat rises, China looms. We eat breakfast. It's not all war.”


1st November to 30th November

Juliet Sen Gupta

Juliet Sen Gupta

Juliet Sen-Gupta’s work draws on her Anglo-Indian background and she draws influence from Matisse, Paul Klee, Bridget Riley and Amish Kappor. Her interests lie within the colour palette of the East and through looking into the way that colour works in shape and form.

Sen-Gupta has worked with art since 1996 and after completing a degree in Film Studies at UEA, she was drawn to painting and went on to study at Norwich Art School. She has now exhibited in a number of solo and collaborative shows, including Cley Contemporary Art.

“I am interested in the therapeutic aspects of art and studied art therapy at postgraduate level. However, my real focus is art making. I am enjoying developing my practice now that my family is grown up.”

1st December to 31st December

BEAST Illustration

Beast! is a local, Norwich based illustration collective formed in 2013.
Each member of Beast! is a local, professional freelance illustrator. With each member hailing from a different background, Beast! are a diverse group but are all equally passionate about illustration and design.
Between them they have worked on a variety of projects, from illustrating and designing children's books, through to advertising, animations, design and illustration used in museums and heritage sites.
Beast often have exhibitions around the city.
You can check out their individual sites at:
David Hurtado: <
Fiona Gowen: <
Grace Sandford: <
Karl Newson: <
Or keep up to date with their work at: <
or on social media:
Twitter: @BeastNorwich

Private View- Monday, 1st December 6pm-9pm, in The Playroom & Upper Gallery, at The Norwich Playhouse.

1st December to 31st December