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Wendy Brown-Hall

Wendy Brown-Hall

Wendy Brown-Hall 

Since graduating from Norwich University of the Arts four years ago, I have been supporting young people on art related courses at City College Norwich. This also gives me some free time to develop and exhibit my own artwork. 

Within my practise, I continue to experiment with subject, style and medium.  My main passion and focus is painting and pencil drawings, however I also love to experiment with print, photography, digital art, sculpture and mixed media. 

I am currently focusing my practise on inspiration from the natural world, concentrating on the beautiful complex structures we often take for granted, and from holidays and day trips, focussing on the East Anglian Coastline. 

Using my own photographs and sketches to work from, I am building a portfolio responding to the visual atmosphere of the seaside and funfair, the smells and sounds, the relaxation and playfulness and also the positive feelings and enjoyment I have when planning a trip to the seaside. 


1st May to 31st May

Zoe Ford

Zoe Ford

My artwork explores various concepts and realisations of ideas, investigating themes such as the relationship between the physical and psychological manifestations of pleasure and anxiety and varying emotional states.  

My practice has developed from more formal figurative drawing to both metaphorical and expressionistic representations of the body and psyche. These concepts are explored through a range of processes and media, combining elements of sculpture, painting and stitching.  

Throughout my work the interaction of materials is fundamental, allowing my practice to reflect fluctuating mental states and communicate through the different media and colour palette.  

The shift between strength and vulnerability is integral, each entity works together to embody this reciprocation. The composition of media examines how freeing the mind from the entrapment of anxiety can lead to physical and mental healing. The relationship between space and ‘object’ seeks to involve the viewer in these experiences, whilst allowing subjective response.  

My more recent works have taken a decorative approach in terms of both material composition and visual structure to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome.


1st June to 30th June