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Sophie Giller

Sophie Giller

Umbrella Prints


An exhibition of screen-prints by artist Sophie Giller. The works are screen-prints from a series of sculptures created of umbrellas. The prints show another side to the surfaces and patterns of the umbrellas, which have been manipulated and frozen in plaster. The medium of print reminds us how the image has been reduced, much like the umbrellas in the sculptures. Bringing the works to the medium of print further explores the new flatness of the umbrellas, which exist usually as complex functional objects.


Sophie is a recent graduate from Camberwell College of The Arts and has been exhibiting in London and Norfolk. She has since been selected as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries, which is currently showing in Nottingham and is touring to the ICA in London in November.


This exhibition runs from Monday 1st November – 30th November 2015 in the upper gallery during The Playhouse opening hours.


1st November to 30th November

November (Lower Gallery)

Dru Stanford, Madeleine Shaul and Terry Shaul

A Meeting of Generations is an exhibition spanning three generations of family artwork. Dru Stanford, 33 is a Creative Arts degree student who fell in love with drawing from early childhood. Dru is originally from London and has spent most of his life between Hackney and Norwich. His key inspirations are Hokusai, Hiroshige and Albrecht Durer and he tends to draw using fineliner pens to create a Cross-hatch style, something of common trademark in his artwork. Alongside Dru’s more traditional artwork he spent most of his adult life writing and recording Hip-Hop music and has had the privilege to work alongside a myriad of talented artists from around the world.

Dru’s mother Madeleine has a wealth of experience at multiple levels of art education with stints at both the Norwich Art School and in Norwich City College’s art department. Madeleine is a keen painter who takes inspiration from the likes of Soutine and Kossoff, whilst using all manner of media to unleash her creativity.

Madeleine’s father and Dru’s Grandfather was born in 1929 in South London. Terry Shaul was a self-taught painter who was heavily inspired by Picasso and Henri Rousseua and was involved in the Rebels against Fake Art movement. Terry moved to Cornwall in the 1960’s where he spent the remainder of his life painting in a very reclusive environment, focusing on producing paintings in a Naive style. Terry was known as ‘The Uncrowned King of Cornwall’ during this period.


1st November to 30th November