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Liam Painter

Liam Painter

My practice explores how shapes and patterns in architecture respond to different lived environments.

I experiment with a range of materials to create flags, and other objects that signify how subcultural groups reclaim and reinterpret space.

The process of creating my work is how I translate what is around me and the spaces that I engage with into a form that I can understand more clearly. I begin in sketchbooks, usually by cutting out small paper shapes that I later develop into larger pieces. These become the objects that I use to articulate my understanding of the spaces around me to other people. 


1st April to 30th April

Joni Smith

Joni Smith

Joni Smith enhances and re-imagines the perceptual mapping out of a landscape on paper, playfully using collage and cutting techniques to create new associations between different map locations.

Her paper constructions are perfectly re-formed on the page, knowing just how far to go in breaking down the satellite accuracy of GPS in modern map-making to open up potential for her alternate interpretation.

Impeccably handcrafted, Smiths work encompasses drawing, paper cutting, painting installation and sculpture. 


5th May to 31st May